So, two weeks ago I buy this fancy TV stand. $200. And because I am simultaneously super-busy and super-lazy, it just sat there in the living room like a deadbeat roommate for two weeks. This weekend I decided to to something about it.

Saturday I tried doing this before I went:

But the box looked ugly.

So after I woke up Sunday, went to the office for a little while -- I do all this extra work on the weekends for you the Q92.3 listener, you know -- I came back, fixed myself some lunch with a happy beverage, and decided that I was going to me a man. I have tools. I don't need any friends -- I'm still new to Iowa and don't really have any friends here yet anyway -- so I took this giant thing that weighs as much as my best friend, discarded the 40 pounds of packaging meant to keep the glass from breaking, got about 30% downloaded on this living room update, and then............

Yes, that is broken glass all over my living room. I picked up one of the glass shelves, in the middle of it, with one hand, and it splattered into a zillion pieces while in my hand. I'm not hurt, but any good mood I was in disappeared quickly.

It's going to take me longer to clean up all the glass in my living room than it would have taken to go through the 31-page manual to build this TV stand (you read that right).

Reason #483,945 I work in radio: Manual labor is not for me.