This weeks episode of 'The Bachelor' featured special guest Jimmy Kimmel. The show started out with Jimmy pulling up in a limo and waking Chris up telling him he was there to help him choose a wife. Kimmel shared a deleted scene from 'The Bachelor' during his show last night (01-19-15).

SPOILER - Here are the highlights from episode three of 'The Bachelor'

  • Kaitlyn goes on a one on one date with Chris to Costco. Afterwards, she and Chris have a BBQ with Jimmy. Kaitlyn gets a rose.
  • Chris and Jimmy take a group date to a farm for a farm relay race. Becca gets a rose. Whitney goes on a one on one date with Chris to a winery. They end up crashing a wedding.
  • Jade gets a tour of Chris' place during the pool party while Ashely I. fights for Chris' affection.
  • MacKenzie asks Chris why he kisses all the girls. Chris squirms while attempting to answer.
  • Jade, Samantha, Jeulia, MacKenzie, Kelsey, Britt, Megan, Carly, Ashley S., Nikki, Jillian and Ashley I. receive roses.

The wading pool continues to get smaller every week and the water is heating up. We'll see how our Iowa boy Chris handles his fishing expedition on episode 4 of 'The Bachelor'. The next show will air Monday night on KCRG TV 9 at 7 PM.