A former Dunkerton police chief improperly made fuel purchases while working for the city, according to a report released by the Iowa State Auditor on Thursday (Oct. 15, 2015).

Dunkerton city officials requested a special investigation after allegations were made against Tim Schultz, who resigned last year.

In the report, State Auditor Mary Mossiman identified $2,700 of improper disbursements, including more than $2,500 of fuel purchases made between Jan. 1, 2013 and Aug. 13, 2014 by the former police chief while he was not on duty. Mosiman also reported it was not possible to determine if additional fuel purchases were improper because sufficient documentation was not available.

The improper disbursements also include more than $200 of payroll and related costs improperly paid to, or on behalf of Schultz, Mosiman said.

In addition, Mosiman reported that Shultz remitted nearly $39 to the city on Aug. 22, 2014, for a personal fuel purchase he made at 12:01 a.m. on May 31, 2014.

Mosiman's report involving Dunkerton includes several recommendations to strengthen the oversight.

Copies of the report have been filed with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

A copy of the report is available for review in the Office of Auditor of State and on the Auditor of State’s web site at: auditor.iowa.gov/specials/1421-0047-BE00.pdf.