Yes, we have to tell people to be careful when taking a photograph of yourself.

In Russia, they're doing something about it!

Their Interior Ministry has launched a “Safe Selfie“ campaign that encourages citizens to avoid putting themselves in danger when taking selfies.

“Even a million ’likes’ on social media are not worth your life and well-being,“ the campaign’s slogan reads.

Brochures containing guidelines for taking safe selfies will be handed out at public students and to students at Russian schools.

These guidelines list selfie no-nos, including posing with firearms, standing in front of an oncoming train, hanging from a rooftop, and getting close to wildlife.

As you can see -- even if you don't know Russian there's diagrams (!!!) -- they're taking this seriously over there.

Come on, America! Step up, and help the kids and the stupid people. UNI and Wartburg in particular could really use these brochures.

Photos from Russian Interior Military & UPI