A couple of weeks ago I started a new feature on the Morning Show called "Santini's Scrambles". It is just a simple word-jumble game, but it seemed like it might be fun to do on the air.

As with anything new that we try here at the radio station, I did not really know what to expect as far as the reaction to the game from our listeners. After two weeks of playing the game, I think I can safely say that the reaction and participation has been overwhelming! If you have not heard it yet, it happens at 7:55am every weekday.

I give a set of mixed-up letters, along with a clue that is intended to help you decipher the letters into the correct word. The first person that correctly identifies the word, is the winner for the day (this week the prize is a pair of Waterloo Blackhawks tickets). The Q-lines instantly light up as soon as I give the clue, and after we get our winner they continue to ring for a solid 10 minutes afterwards.

So I would like to say a big "thank you" to the Morning Show listeners for being so excited, and actively participating in my new little game every morning. Good luck, and be prepared to be VERY quick on the dial if you want to try and win! (292-2000, 800-923-5635)