Jackson Murphy is no ordinary 17-year old. He's a movie reviewer under the name "Lights Camera Jackson", and he's been doing it for a few years. He's moderately famous. He also got to pose on the red carpet with Amy Schumer before the Critics' Choice Awards.

You've seen Amy's standup routine? You've seen her Comedy Central show? Or her in "Trainwreck"?

She's beautiful and hilarious. I don't know how much of her comedy -- the "I drink a lot and have loose morals and low standards when it comes to guys" schtick she has made her signature bits -- is based on reality. Like most comedy it is probably an overly-exaggerated rendition of the truth, but I am not judging her for her personal life. Her comedy is funny, and it is the image that she has projected.

So Jackson thought he was playing along when he tweeted a pic of him and Amy on the red carpet:

Twitter screenshot

You get it? He "spent the night" with her! Because she always jokes about sleeping around!

And she got upset about it. (The part about Jackson's dad was because Jackson's dad was with him at the red carpet and Amy met him as well as Jackson).

Jackson then deleted the tweet and apologized:

But should he have?

I've had this issue with humor before in radio, where people project a certain public persona, and you think you are complimenting them by going along with it, and people suddenly act like "you don't know THE REAL ME".

I thought the joke was innocent and perfectly done for the Amy Schumer Brand, but the real Amy Schumer didn't like it. Maybe she thought "hey I tell the jokes around here buddy". Or maybe if she was still an up-and-coming comedian that wasn't in movies she'd have thought it was funnier.

What say you? Who is in the wrong here?