Blondes get a bad rap -- what with all the blonde jokes......"what do you call a dead blonde in a closet?", for instance -- but not from science.

A study was done by Psychology Studies to try and determine attractiveness in both men and women based on hair color.

Both men and women wore wigs of different hair colors, and then were graded on how many people approached them.

Basically, people with blonde hair were four times as likely to be approached than redheads, and people with brown or black hair were three times as likely.

I know from personal experience that redheads are evil; maybe it's everyone calling them "ginger" and "firecrotch" (don't call a redhead this unless you know they won't punch you in the face) that drives them over the edge or something. Not Wilma Flintstone though.


Or Emma Stone.


They're awesome.

Redheads do have a reputation for being quick-tempered, but the researchers also acknowledge that the rarity of people with red hair (only 2-6% of Americans have red hair) is a factor in how people think and respond to them.

By the way, the answer to the blonde joke? "1995 World Hide-And-Seek Champion".