This past Saturday night was Q92.3 Night at Lyle Leinbaugh Field in Independence when the Storm played (and beat) the Sugar Creek Shockers. I'm going to tell you why you should make the drive.

This is the view from the field. For only a few dollars you can see people we know, live with, and work with play football. Not for a living, they do it because they love football. They're doing something they love, living out their dream. That's something you should relate to.

I spent a lot of the game talking to Tina, who is coach Tim's wife. The Friday before every home gameIt truly is a family affair with the Cummings family. They coach, they play, they volunteer at the concession stands and selling merchandise, they're part of the halftime entertainment -- there was a lip sync battle with a Taylor Swift song against Vanilla Ice -- and they even work in the press box.........

The Storm would really like to get more support from the Waterloo and Cedar Falls communities. The team is making a difference in the lives of its players, all of whom live in Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Men whose lives have changed for the better because they have the opportunity to play, men who would use that time for activities a lot less productive. Some of them have served time for activities a lot less productive than football, a sport that preaches discipline. There are rival gang members who play together, and they look past colors to build friendships.

We're going to hear a lot more about the Storm, but you should know that it's not just about football for them, so listen to Q92.3 at 8:15 Fridays before home games where we talk about more than just sports. And listen to win tickets. I had a great time over the weekend and I'm going to go back. You should check them out.

I'll even wear the jersey the team made for the station. They resented it to me at halftime, and they outscored the other team 874-0 (approximately) after I donned the jersey.