This Is The Best Donut Shop In Iowa
Happy #NationalDonutDay! On this most glorious of days, I'm searching for the best donut shop in Iowa. So I did what most smart people do...I let the Internet decide for me. Do you agree with this choice?
Would You Want This Tasty Trend At Your Wedding?
Wedding season is upon us. You're about to be bombarded with invites and "save the date" postcards and tons of social media updates. In fact, one of my friends just picked out the gown for her wedding NEXT April (Hi, Abby). The older I get, the more weddings I go to. And while the ceremony…
Help Me Find The Cedar Valley’s Best Restaurants
I'm pretty new to the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, and whenever I relocate I love trying out new restaurants. I'm a big foodie (not the snobby, pretentious kind...I just like to cook and watch a lot of Food Network) and I enjoy eating where locals eat. I've already gotten some good sugg…