The Internet makes us do really, really, really dumb stuff. Here's 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, August 1st.

Bradenton, FL- A woman is behind bars after using chicken nuggets as a weapon.


20-year-old Asia Jimenez was feeding her baby son Saturday afternoon when her brother grabbed some chicken nuggets off her plate. As her brother started eating, Jimenez became upset and allegedly threw several chicken nuggets at him. The brother retaliated by throwing water on her.

The siblings actually had to be separated by their mother. The child wasn't harmed. Jimenez was actually arrested and charged with domestic battery. [The Smoking Gun]

Anything is a weapon when you make Mama Bear mad...

Louisiana- A teenager has gone viral because of her mouth.


A 14-year-old girl named Kaylee was sending her friend photos of the K-Pop band BTS. She told her friend that the lead singer was "so beautiful she could shove a hammer in her mouth." Her friend called her bluff, so--because it's the Internet and you can't ever decline a dare--Kaylee took the fat end of the hammer into her mouth and tweeted a picture.

If this wasn't silly enough, Kaylee couldn't get it out. The hammer stayed wedged in her mouth for about 10 minutes before she was able to wriggle it free. The very flattering photo has been retweeted nearly 3,000 times. [Refinery29]

I'm sure she'll be EXTREMELY popular with the boys in school from now on...

Oak Lawn, IL- A waitress got into a fight with one of her Hooters.


25-year-old Sarah Rivera was at work last week when she attacked her co-worker, 24-year-old Debreca Green. It must've been pretty serious, because Green and Rivera were both arrested for disorderly conduct.

Rivera was still wearing her--ahem--uniform when posing for her mugshot. She has a court date next month. [Daily Mail]

I don't know this girl. I'll just say that she's...abundantly qualified...for her job.

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