It's not just about football, it's an event. Super Bowl Sunday. If you're hosting a party this weekend, kudos to you.

According to Elite Daily there are six kinds of people that can potentially ruin your Super Bowl party.

They missed one. There's actually seven. You see? I've got your back! The one I added is in italics.

The Girl Who Is Only There To Impress A Guy. She spends more time trying to flirt with whomever she’s trying to impress than paying attention to the game. It’s cute that she wants to make her guy happy, but could she save it for another game? This is the Super Bowl, not a date.

The Person Who Doesn’t Stop Talking. Although he or she may be one of your best friends, you just want him or her to stay quiet. This is also the person who will probably bring up subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with football and then continue to ask what he or she missed while talking.

The Person Who Yells At Everyone For Talking. This is almost as annoying as the person who won’t stop talking. Although it can be annoying if someone never shuts up, it’s expected there will be yelling and talking — after all, it’s the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl is an awesome game to watch, but also includes amazing commercials, so there’s bound to be some chitchat during both.

The Person Who Eats All the Food. Obviously, every Super Bowl party includes food, but there is always that one guy who never brings anything and eats all the food before anyone gets a chance.

The Person Who Gets Too Drunk. Most Super Bowl parties come with plenty of beer; however, not everyone at these parties knows how to handle his or her alcohol. The best way to handle this one is to sit the person down in a timeout chair with some water and go back to the game.

The Person Who Thinks He or She Is the Coach. Every person is bound to have an opinion, but there always seems to be one person who forgets he or she is in a living room, not the sideline of the game. I will confess, this is me, and since I work in radio it's already been established I have a big mouth and think I'd be more entertaining than the game (not that it's false, mind you) so you shouldn't invite me.

The Person Who Cares Too Much About One Team Winning. They may be a hardcore fan of one of the teams, or they may be only so into it because they bet the rent money, but this really rears its ugly head if that team loses. And also if there's an equally intense fan of the other team there; that could spell trouble.

Have a great time this weekend!