Apple introduced several new updates and products at Wednesday’s annual developers event in San Francisco, but none have arguably garnered as much attention as the Apple Pencil.

The $99 device -- remember, this is basically a pencil -- was created for the new iPad Pro and can be used for activities like “fine art illustration and detailed 3-D design.“

But despite Apple’s boasts, the pencil sparked ridicule online, with many pointing out that the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was against products that required a stylus.

In Apple's defense (and for a Team Android guy like myself) this is the only defense.......pretty much everything gets ridiculed on social media.

Nevertheless, here are my top 10 hilarious reactions on Twitter to the announcement:

“Apple released a $99 pencil called the “Apple Pencil.“ This s**t better do my homework for me for that much money.“

“The Apple Pencil will debut at $999,999.99.“

“I hope the next version is called the Apple No.2 Pencil.“

“Apple has invented the Apple Pencil, so you can use an iPad like paper. For a similar experience, write on some paper with a f**king pencil."

“A pencil that costs more than a dollar. #TerribleGiftsForA4YearOld“

“This is the most dramatic commercial for a pencil of all time #AppleEvent #ApplePencil“

“Quote from Steve Jobs in 2007: ’Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus.’“

“#ApplePencil The people who want to revive calligraphy must be losing their minds #applepencil“

“Apple Pencil is a College Humor video.“

“I feel I might lose my #ApplePencil. Can I attach it somewhere for safe-keeping and how much does AppleCare cost for Apple Pencil?“

And Apple even came out with a fancy commercial-type video!