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Relatively speaking, Iowa is a fairly safe state to live. Especially when compared to states with more urban development. So what Iowa cities are the safest?

Fortunately for us, the Council for Home Safety and Security did all the work for us.

The council combined data from the most recent FBI Crime Reports, population data, and their own research to create their rankings and giving us the Top 50 Safest Cities in Iowa.

For the most part, these are small towns, which doesn't surprise us. Another fact that doesn't surprise us, is that Waterloo/Cedar Falls didn't make the list.

To check out the entire report and list, CLICK HERE

(Source: National Council for Home Safety and Security)

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    Eldridge, IA

    At the time of publication, Eldridge only had 3 violent crimes and 15 property crimes in 2016. Less than 6,000 people live in Eldridge, so we imagine it's pretty hard to get away with anything. Everyone knows who you are, which will be a theme on this list.

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    Hampton, IA

    Just off Hwy 3, in the northeast quadrant of Iowa, sits Hampton. Much like the rest of this list, Hampton is a small town. So everyone knows everyone. The stats show only 4 violent crimes and 12 property crimes.

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    Wilton, IA

    You'll find Wilton just south of I-80, half way between Iowa City and the Quad Cities. Cool Fact: It's home to Wilton Candy Kitchen, the oldest ice cream parlor in the country! It's also super safe. Only 3 violent crimes and 8 property crimes.

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