Warning: This is me basically everywhere I go, whether I am with somebody or not. Do I film it and make myself Internet Famous though? No. I just annoy people.

Simon decided to take Donna to Ikea and video it.


1. Donna? She's cute.
2. Donna is milking the fake outrage. She knows her role is the "straight man" and she plays it up. That makes her even cuter.
3. If the outrage is real? There's no way the outrage is real. Some of those puns are hilarious!
4. You want a guy with a sense of humor? This is what you get.
5. Why does he sound like the Terminator? Does he talk like that all the time? If so, he better be funny.
6. Did they eat the Swedish meatballs? I would take Donna to the Ikea food court and drop endless innuendo-filled meatball puns. Donna deserves R-rated meatball humor.
7. Is he going to film them trying to build whatever they bought?
8. I had to look up Ikea to see if they had any in Australia. That was definitely an Aussie accent.
9. It's winter in Australia, and I bet the weather there is still nicer than it is here in Waterloo (45 this morning).