You've probably been super bored at work and taken one of those silly Buzzfeed-style quizzes, like "Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You?" or "We Know Your Age And Where You Were Born With This McDonald's Quiz". These are harmless and fun, but probably won't tell you anything about your true self. This quiz blows those out of the water!

The site claims to provide you with a "freakishly accurate description of why you do things the way you do." Personalities are split into four categories (Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers). The test only takes about 10 minutes and consists of a series of "strongly agree/strongly disagree" statements. There were a few questions I was unsure about, but most of these described me perfectly.

"Campaigner" is my personality type. What's yours?

The "campaigner" is charming, independent, energetic, and compassionate, and they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Freakishly accurate, indeed!

What did this test say about you? Do you agree? Comment below!

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