Tracking your steps? Child, please. I want to track my drinking habits, NOT my walking habits. And a brand new product is making that dream a reality.

By using biometric sensors inside disposable cartridges, the Proof wristband automatically tracks your alcohol consumption for 12 hours. Synchronized with the Proof mobile app, it gives you a personalized B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) reading and will remind you when you'll be sober again--because you surely can't drink ALL day...right?

Milo Sensors, the creative team behind Proof, received a $100,000 prize from the National Institutes of Health for their technology. While an effective social tool, Proof is designed to safely measure alcohol tolerance in a non-invasive way.

Perfect for #MargaritaMonday, #TequilaTuesday#WineWednesday, #ThirstyThursday, or #FireballFriday, in their own words, Proof is "effortless tracking, drinking revolutionized." Who am I to argue? Click HERE to subscribe.

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