When you think of Tinder what comes to mind? Right.....hooking up! This is just the natural part of the evolution of Tinder.

Tinder/Getty Images

Tinder has added a new feature that allows users to locate the nearest clinic to get tested for STDs and HIV.

The update comes following a highly publicized battle between Tinder and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which started last fall when the non-profit organization put up billboards that not-so-subtly associated Tinder with STDs.

Reuters reports that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is now removing its ads alluding to the hookup app. Meanwhile, a Tinder spokesperson tells Buzzfeed of its latest service, “An important aspect of any healthy relationship--whether formed on Tinder or otherwise--is ensuring sexual health and safety.“

So if you see someone's profile, and they have a little crab icon next to their name, then you know Tinder took the next step.

And also, swipe left on anyone who has a little crab icon next to their name.

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