Over this past weekend, Tony Stewart was involved in an accident at a racetrack that killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. My question has nothing to do with who is at fault, my question involves a post that one my my good friends put on his Facebook page after the accident.

In his post, my buddy admonished ESPN for showing the footage of the young man dying. He felt that is was in bad taste for the network to show the video of that accident, which let viewers see the moment that driver lost his life. My response to his post was something to the effect of; "Unfortunately, that is a reality of today's instant-information age. If ESPN doesn't show the video, millions of people are just going to watch it on Youtube anyway".

I agree in premise that showing someone's death on television is in poor taste, but I also understand the reality of this generation in which every possible source of information is at our fingertips 24/7. So with that said, what are you thoughts? Not on the actual accident, but on the video being played by so many media outlets after it happened?