In today's world of distractions and socially inept culture, there are more people getting hit by cars than ever. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, below is the top 10 states where you're more likely to get hit by a car.

There really isn't a scientific formula for this. Basically, if someone gets hit by a car, they count that. That's it.

But...before we give you the morbid facts, here are the top 10 Safest States to be a pedestrian:

10) Wyoming
9) Idaho
8) Vermont
7) Kansas
6) Wisconsin
5) Ohio
4) Maine
3) Iowa (HEY! We made a good list)
2) Nebraska
1) Minnesota

Nice to see that Iowa is safer to be a pedestrian than most.

Here's the list to help you make a good decision on what state you should go for a stroll next to vehicles:

1) New Mexico
2) Florida
3) Delaware
4) Nevada
5) Louisiana
6) South Carolina
7) Arizona
8) Alabama
9) Alaska
10) New Jersey

Here's some more fun facts from TheRichest via Youtube.