Survey teams from the National Weather Service are expected to assess storm damage in central and eastern Iowa on Tuesday (Nov. 29, 2016).

Strong thunderstorms produced brief tornadoes, funnel clouds and hail as they moved across the state on Monday. Tornadoes caused minor damage in Butler and Hardin counties, but there were no reported injuries.

According to National Weather Service (NWS) storm reports, a twister caused minor building damage in the northeast part of Parkersburg. Also in Butler County, a trained spotter reported a funnel cloud about three miles west of Stout

In Hardin County, law enforcement reported brief tornado touchdowns near Buckeye and Radcliffe. The tornado in Radcliffe caused roof damage, knocked down trees and power lines and tipped over a car on the north side of town.

As the storms moved east, officials in Grundy County reported a brief tornado touchdown about one mile west of Grundy Center around 4 p.m. Hail was also reported on area roadways that needed to be plowed.

Further south, a trained spotter reported penny-size hail and cloud rotation near Blakesburg in Monroe County. A patrol officer in Poweshiek County confirmed a tornado reached the ground, periodically lifted and touched down again near the intersection of Interstate 80 and Iowa Highway 21 about one mile northeast of Montezuma.

The NWS survey teams will be inspecting the damage to determine the strength of the tornadoes that struck the region on Monday.