This is a story of why you aren't as bulletproof as you think on social media.

Patrick Martin of West Des Moines is a big dude--6’6“, 270 pounds--and had been talking smack to MMA fighter Josh Neer for days on social media before finally challenging Neer to a fight at an area gym. Not only did the much smaller Neer kick his butt, but he posted a 13-second clip of the beat-down to further embarrass his overconfident foe.

“Hopefully he can learn a lesson and humble himself,“ Neer wrote on Facebook afterwards. Indeed.

For his part, Martin claims the video Neer shared was shot after the round ended, and consisted solely of sucker punches. He also wants a rematch; hopefully it’ll be on pay per view.

Here's some of their Facebook........uh, chatting (click and scroll down).