This week has seen a WHOLE lot of trash talking between UNI and Iowa fans over the upcoming football game on Saturday. It's no secret that most UNI fans are also Iowa fans, and will root for the Hawkeyes every other Saturday of the season, but not THIS Saturday. From my perspective (A Michigan State fan) it's fun to sit back and listen to the UNI / Iowa trash talk, both in person and on social media.

The irony of the game this Saturday is that if UNI wins, it will give all Panther die-hards ammunition against their Hawkeye die-hard friends until the end of time. If Iowa wins, as expected, then Hawkeye fans get to continue giving their UNI supporting friends the "you aren't in our class" treatment for yet another year.

I've heard this phrase a lot this week; "I hope UNI wins the rest of their games, but not against The Hawks". I'm not sure if the Panther football team should take that as a compliment, or an insult? Either way, since I have no dog in the race, I will enjoy watching the game this Saturday.