To be honest, a majority of us use our smartphone calendars to keep track of things, so the wall calendar industry has been forced to be 'creative' in order to make money. There's something for everyone's taste, and some are a bit bizarre.

Fall has arrived, and it's that time of year to start thinking about a 2017 calendar.

I received an email from our business manager asking us what type of calendar we'd like for the upcoming year. I didn't want to request just an ordinary calendar. Imagine that, right? I wanted to find some 'off the beat and path' calendar options for everyone at work. Here's what I came up with.

There are thousands of different dog, cat, horse, and other animal calendars to pick from. I even saw one featuring llamas. This was one of my more favorite videos promoting an animal calendar that features Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. Crusoe has over 73,000 YouTube subscribers.


I'm sure more than a few ladies would love to see a daily shot of some nameless, and more importantly shirtless, dude sweating under the Australian sun and flaunting that Thunder From Down Under. There are also plenty of firefighter calendars out there as well to fantasize about pinning up on the wall, or would that be 'against' the wall?


Speaking of firefighters, how about we throw in some of the most adorable puppies ever. The burning question is which would you rather cuddle with? The city of Denver, CO has brought these to female favorites together. The Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar fundraising project benefits Lifeline Puppy Rescue.


All those cute puppies are going to need a little animal doctor loving from time to time. I came across the 'Vets Uncovered' calendar. Instead of the boring bake sale or dunk tank to raise money, these veterinary students at James Cook University (Australia) have made an 'all in the buff' calendar four years running. I may need to rethink where I take Tripp 'The Dog' Doren.


Sorry, guys. This is not a shirtless version, but it's pretty close. I'm not much of a 'walk on the beach' type of guy, but I might entertain the idea of sand between my toes if I nailed that to the wall. God bless the Hooters Calendar.


This one has got to be the most bizarre calendar I've ever come across. Oddity Mall lives up to its name by offering up the Pooping Pooches Calendar. They bill it as, "a perfect gift idea for that special weirdo in your life." I think I might get this for the next Secret Santa gift I have to buy.