With flood levels expected to rise over the weekend and with rapidly changing information, the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Department has released a statement to help residents.

Present and future flooding conditions are presenting several road closures and safety concerns in and around rural Black Hawk County. Of considerable note, are the closures of the bridges on 7th street in Janesville, the Winslow Road Bridge over the West Fork/Shell Rock Rivers (between Taylor Road and Union Road), and the Cedar Wapsi Road Bridge across the Cedar River (between Ford Road and Union Road). These closures and the concerns of potential flooding of Beaver Creek at Union Road and Beaver Valley Road makes Finchford inaccessible from the south and east.

Sandbagging equipment has been pre-staged in Finchford for those residents, but constant monitoring of the current river levels is encouraged, as is consideration of evacuation in the low lying areas affected by this flooding event.

We continue to monitor conditions along the entire Cedar River basin and encourage anyone with concerns to contact Black Hawk County Emergency Management at: 319-291-4373, or the Black Hawk County Consolidated Dispatch center at: 9-1-1 or 319-291-2515.

For up to date river levels and forecasting: https://ifis.iowafloodcenter.org/ifis/main/

For up to date road closures in Black Hawk County: http://www.co.black-hawk.ia.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?CID=5