Riots broke out early this morning (April 9, 2014) during VEISHEA at Iowa State University. Students began gathering in the streets around 11pm. Witnesses say at least two light poles and several street signs were torn down.

Cars were flipped over. People began throwing beer cans, rocks and other items at officers. One person was hurt when a light pole was knocked down. Authorities said he was seriously injured and eventually Lifeflighted to Des Moines

University president Steven Leath issued a statement on the incident overnight.

"I was immediately made aware of the situation that began in Campustown shortly before midnight, and have continued to receive information over the past few hours from police and other staff. We are all distraught and disappointed over the events that have unfolded near campus overnight. I can confirm that one of our students has been seriously injured and his condition is unknown at this hour. Student Affairs staff have reached out to the family. At this time, I ask everyone to keep this student in your thoughts and prayers. My senior cabinet will convene first thing in the morning to assess this situation and evaluate options for the remainder of our official Veishea activities planned for this week.Additional information will be posted on the Iowa State homepage at as soon as it is available,"


photo credit: Brian Jackson