(SPOILER) Episode four of ABC's 'The Bachelor' was once again jam packed with jaw dropping moments from all the Bachelorettes vying for our Iowa Farmer's heart. Two more ladies were eliminated from the show. Both eliminations were no brainers. Here's a video of why Ashley S. didn't make the cut this week.

Example number two of why Bachelorette Kelsey was asked to move along this week.

In case you missed the show, here's an overview of episode 4.

  • On the first group date, Chris took the ladies camping.
  • There is apparently now TWO virgin's amongst the tribe of women. Ashley I. unveiled that little nugget of information to Chris on this weeks episode. (Becca is also a "virgin")
  • Jade got to go on a Cinderella themed one on one date with Chris.
  • Ashley I. had a fit because she thought she should have been chosen for the one on one date this week.
  • For the second group date, Chris had the ladies complete an obstacle course while wearing wedding dresses. Jillian won.
  • Britt confronted Chris as to why Kaitlyn keeps getting roses by using sex and flirting.

All in all we think Chris did a fine job of weeding out the crazies this week. Episode 5 airs Monday night at 7 PM on KCRG TV 9.