So......the morning radio show at a New Zealand radio station called ZM pulled out all the stops to prank their coworkers yesterday morning.

The three hosts had their boss call their coworkers, Jase and P.J., at the crack of dawn to tell them the whole crew was sick, and that they needed the duo to come cover for them.

Jase and P.J. agreed, but were freaking out because they had nothing prepared...........this is a red flag to me that it was planned, like they'd be the first radio show to "wing it", but never mind.

The duo had no clue they weren’t actually broadcasting anything – only their “sick” coworkers were really listening.

The real morning show continued the actual broadcast from another studio, and sabotaged all of the bits Jase and P.J. tried to do by telling callers to call in and mess with them on purpose.

If I were that morning show, I'd make sure I bought new coffee pots to bring in until this blows over..........