People are more environmentally-conscious than ever these days.  And there are many things each of us can do to 'go green.' You can drive an electric car, compost your garbage, eat organic foods, install solar panels on your house, or chain yourself to trees to keep them from getting cut down. But if you REALLY want to save the environment, if you REALLY want to offset the effects of global's the best thing you can do.

What is it? Well, it's something you've probably never even considered before. may want to sit down for this.

Are you ready?

You sure?

Okay, here goes nothing...the best thing you can do is:



Researchers from Sweden's Lund University looked at 39 different studies and found that having smaller families was the most influential factor. They concluded that by not having a child, the carbon footprint of an individual living in a developed country would be reduced by an average of 58.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Persuading a U.S. family to have one less child would provide the same level of emissions reductions as persuading 684 recycle comprehensively for the rest of their lives.

See? It's not that I dislike children. It's strictly based on science! Every day I don't procreate is another day of quality living on this beautiful orb. So there you have it. You want to save the world? Use a condom. :-)

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