A motorist from Waterloo has been arrested by Fayette County authorities, after a weekend traffic stop.
At about 2am Sunday (Aug. 14), a Fayette County deputy pulled over a car at the intersection of White Tail Road and "W" Avenue, a mile northwest of Waucoma, for a driving violation.

On further investigation, the driver, 33 year old Aaron Heying of Waterloo, was found to be intoxicated. Heying was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, First Offense. He was held in the Fayette County jail in West Union until his initial court appearance.


An Oelwein motorist was able to escape injuries when his vehicle collided with a deer. It happened Saturday (Aug. 14) in the 24,000 block of Highway 3, near Oran.

68 year old Dean Butterfield of Oelwein was driving west, when he struck a deer that had wandered out onto the highway.

No one was injured, but the 2006 Ford Explorer had $3,000 in damages.