Using his city email account for campaigning and political purposes will cost Waterloo Mayor Buck Clark some money.

On Wednesday (June 4, 2014), the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board determined that Clark violated campaign ethics rules on several occasions. The board fined Waterloo's three-term city leader $100 for the infractions.

Former Waterloo Board of Education President Bill Kammeyer filed the complaint against Clark last month after obtaining several hundred pages of City of Waterloo email. While reviewing the emails, Kammeyer found some that contained references to campaign phone calls, yard signs, commercials and union support.

As part of his complaint, Kammeyer forwarded five emails from October 2013 that he felt violated ethics rules. The state board agreed with Kammeyer and levied the fine against Clark.

Board members announced their decision following Wednesday's closed-door meeting in Des Moines.