Former Waterloo resident Emily West had her chance to shine last night on “America's Got Talent”, and she made the most of it.

Emily West is a 32-year-old singer/songwriter who recently moved from Nashville to New York City. She performed Phil Phillips’ “Sea of Love.”

Stern called her “an original" and said her “voice was magnificent” and gave him “chills.” Howie agreed. Heidi noted that everything West sang “meant something.” Mel B commented she knew immediately that she was a great singer. All voted "yes" and Emily moved on.

We're hoping she keeps advancing on AGT. In case you missed her performance, here is a highlight from her nailing it on stage.

West signed on with Capitol Records Nashville and released a self-titled EP December 11, 2007. Her single ”Rocks in Your Shoes” peaked in the Top 40 on the Billboard in 2008. She entered the country charts a second time with “Blue Sky”, a duet with Keith Urban, in 2010.