The Waterloo Water Works will implement a new billing software and customer information system effective October 19, 2015.

The new system will be used for all customers who are currently directly billed by the Waterloo Water Works, including Waterloo, Washburn, and Raymond residents.  The new system will include a bill mailed to a customer in an envelope, with inserts and a return envelope. The full page bill will allow additional information on the bill which is not currently available, due to the small postcard space.

Inserts will provide the Water Works and other entities an opportunity to communicate additional information to residents.  Placement of the bill in an envelope with a return envelope will improve customer privacy and customer service.  A sample bill and bill insert are attached for your use.

The new billing and customer information project began in early 2013, and was initiated in part due to the planned retirement of outdated computer hardware and software.  A business consultant assisted with the project, and a software solution was selected in 2014.  The total estimated 5-year cost of the project is approximately $1.5 million.

“The Water Works appreciates the hard work and collaboration of several partners and staff to make this project a reality,"Waterloo Water Works General Manager Dennis Clark said. "Of particular note are the Board of Trustees of the Water Works; vendors EMA Inc., Cogsdale Corp., and Professional Office Services, Inc.; numerous departments of the City of Waterloo, particularly the IT/Information Services group; Black Hawk County IT staff; the Customer Service staff of the Water Works; Customer Service Manager Mary Ratkovich; and Project Leader Annette Shepherd."

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