These websites -- usually having to figured out things to write about -- love their lists.

Roadsnacks is at it again.

We here in Waterloo have had beef with them before.

They've come back for more.

The latest is the "Dumbest Cities In Iowa". They say they're using science and data. Look at what city shows up at number nine.

Population: 44,912
Adults Without High School Diploma: 13.7%
Teenage High School Drop Outs: 7.6%

High schoolers in Waterloo are 1.6% less ‘smart’ than the kids in Sioux City, but the adults are 3% ‘smarter,’ making Waterloo a bit smarter overall.

However, both graduation rates are far below the state average, giving Waterloo high marks on the dumb scale.

FYI, if you're going to use "science and data" (as well as use Wikipedia as a source) please make sure your population figures are accurate. Waterloo has approximately 70,000 people living here; the last time the city had as few as 45,000 was in the 1930s.

So.....who's the dumb ones now!?

By the way, Anamosa (number 7 on this list) has a 28% high-school dropout rate? That can't be right. That's unacceptable.

You can check out the full list here.