While we love everyone that listens to Q92.3, I'll let you behind the curtain a bit and tell you that the standard target demographic of your standard top-40 radio station is women ages 18-to-34. And we're on to you, Women Ages 18 To 34!

Millennials are spending their money on burritos, tequila and Target, according to a data set of 220 million U.S. adults from analytics firm Neustar.

More specifically, 16% of millennials have visited Chipotle one to five times in the past 30 days (do any of you drive down to Cedar Rapids to eat Chipotle?) and 15% say Patron is their tequila brand of choice.

Meanwhile, 48% have recently shopped at Home Depot and 64% have spent money at Target in the past three months.

Some of the more random findings:

* 18% of 18-to-34-year-old college graduates still buy Capri Sun juice pouches
* 39% have bought a hardcover book in the past 12 months as opposed to only 7% buying an audio book, and the 18-34 crowd is 10% more likely to buy an actual physical book than the average U.S. household
* Even though millenials stream everything on Netflix, HBO GO, etc. 35% have bought movie theater tickets in the last six months

So expect to hear more of THESE type of advertisements on Q92.3 since we have our finger on the pulse of you millenials! We know what we're doing! We're professionals here!