Is your hair color an indicator of your "freak flag" and the height in which you fly it?

Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

Elite Daily has pulled information from various surveys on the subject and come up with some statistics.

People with black hair are the most likely (21 percent) to use free and paid dating sites to find sexual partners, compared to 17 percent of blondes and 17 percent of brunettes who’d do the same.

Redheads are the most (20 percent) into roleplaying Fifty Shades of Grey-style, compared to 14 percent of blondes, 12 percent of brunettes and 8 percent of people with black hair.

People with black hair are the most likely (65 percent) to have had a one-night stand, compared to 61 percent of blondes and 59 percent of brunettes.

Redheads, at 57 percent, are the least likely to have had one.

56 percent of people with black hair think they are “amazing” or “very good” in bed, compared to 42 percent of redheads, 41 percent of brunettes and 40 percent of blondes.

Blondes have had more sex in the most unique places: 80 percent have done the deed in a shower or bathtub, 67 percent in a car, 51 percent have gone outdoors, 43 percent in a pool or hot tub, 37 percent at a party, and 27 percent at the beach.

It doesn't say anything about people sporting icicle hair.

People who are bald and/or have grey hair were also not included in the survey.

I guess some things we just don't want to know.