The weather is getting warmer, which means more and more people will be cooling off with a sweet treat at their local ice cream parlor (although, there's NEVER a bad time for ice cream). I'm on a quest to find the best, so I asked you to help me find it.

Last week I asked for your suggestions on Facebook and I got lots of terrific responses. Hopefully, someday very soon, I can try them all for myself! Here are a few of your recommendations:

1. 4 Queens Dairy Cream (Cedar Falls, Evansdale, Waterloo)

2. The Sweet Spot (Denver)

3. MooRoo (Waterloo)

4. Dairy Kone (Jesup)

Dairy Kone via Facebook

5. Chocolaterie Stam (Cedar Falls)

But for a Quad Cities kid, this is going to be tough to beat...

6. Whitey's Ice Cream (Quad Cities, Iowa City)

Vote for your favorite below, and feel free to write in a spot that's not on the list!

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