Bad news for hipsters...and for me. The burly beard trend may be nearing an end (hey, that rhymes!).


"No Shave November" has been over for awhile, and it seems like EVERY guy is rocking some kind of facial hair--either because of fashion, function, or fitting in. I happen to think I look better (and by "better" I mean "less like a 17-year-old) with a beard. Plus, women seem to like it, which always helps. However, new research unveils that ladies are starting to prefer the clean-shaven look.

Braun surveyed 4,000 women worldwide to get their insights. 55% said they want their man to ditch the facial hair altogether, while 42% preferred a stubbly "5 O'Clock shadow" kind of look.


Nearly 75% of British women listed "well-groomed" as the most important trait in a partner, and one-in-three said they would give their significant other a shaver as a holiday gift as a subtle nod to keeping them in style.

The Wall Street Journal examined the beard trend earlier this year, as well. Christopher Oldstone-Moore, a professor at Wright State University, even published a book about the subject, Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair. In it, he draws parallels between beards and masculinity. During the early-to-mid-2000s, "metrosexuality" gained favor, with men paying much more attention to hygiene and grooming habits. Professor Oldstone-Moore wrote that the definition of “masculine” is hard to pinpoint, so the beard came back because it is “undeniably masculine, whether you’re gay or straight, or country or city.”

Guys...will be getting the trimmer out soon? Or will you be testing out some new looks for the new year?

Ladies...which do you prefer? Beard or no beard? Comment below!

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