Seriously people, what in the what am I supposed to do with this?

Yes, I covered up my address on the $0.67 payment to me, and yes I have a weather forecast on a Post-It. I tell you the weather just fine without a Doppler Radar printout.

But what do I do with a 67-cent check? I know there's plenty of check cashing places, especially along Washington Avenue and San Marnan Drive. What about the Wal-Mart in Cedar Falls? Can I load it onto a debit card without getting charged more than the value of the check?

There's also the possibility I could get laughed out of Wells Fargo or any place else if I tried to cash it.

What should I do with it? It's so rare someone sends me money (it's from an account I closed and I don't think they miss me if my balance was $0.67 anyway).

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