So, I wasn't on the air Monday. Thanks to Cory for filling in for me.

I'll be honest, I wasn't really impressed with St. Louis. It's all right. I left Saturday to drive down there, leaving literally after Kidabaloo ended. I had plans with someone and wanted to get down there quickly, and I did. Too quickly it turned out.............

I am twisted. For someone who wants to get somewhere as quickly as possible I took what someone referred to as "the long way".....which was staying on Interstate highways (I despise 2-lane highways and avoid them whenever possible) even though it was about 100 miles longer.

If you read my Facebook profile, or the station's you knew I was already going -- and thanks to the members of the Q92.3 audience who posted some travel tips. Considering my plans with someone fell through, it was much needed.

I decided to NOT partake in the local cuisine (St. Louis pizza and deep-fried ravioli) to instead hit all the good fast food places that they have in St. Louis that Waterloo-Cedar Falls DOES NOT HAVE!

Pro tip: Eating White Castle as a breakfast appetizer before hitting the Waffle House will lead to feeling eight months pregnant with a food baby. Waterloo needs both of those. They also need Chick-Fil-A, Firehouse Subs, Jack In The Box, and Steak n Shake. It's a miracle I don't weigh 500 pounds right now.

I did go to the Arch while I was there.

Other than pigging out on food that was bad for me, there was the hotel bar, there was walking around downtown, and there was watching some of my college basketball tournament picks actually be correct. I told you Villanova and Virginia were overrated! I told you Wichita State was going to beat Kansas!

I am glad to be back though. Thanks for putting up with me.