Yesterday on the show was all about fast food. Not only the Subway giveaway, but also Burger King's new Halloween Whopper (and its colorful side effect) and McDonald's breakfast. Food makes me hungry.

So what happened after the show yesterday? There's only two things I do when I leave the Waterloo Broadcasting compound: lounge around my estate in Waterloo watching sports on TV and cooking food, or getting in my car and driving somewhere where it is eventually involving food.

I brought the video camera to document the joy and sorrow of ordering all-day breakfast from Mickey D's. You see, it's fantastic but it's not a FULL MENU, so modifications must be made when ordering. You remember how I told you how to scam the better cheese when ordering?

This is your all-day breakfast lifehack video. McDonald's is not the boss of me. They don't have my favorite breakfast menu item past breakfast? Let me show you how it's done.

I stopped at a nearby BK before I got to McDonald's yesterday afternoon so I can continue the fight against poopism by getting the Halloween Whopper. Green poop hasn't happened yet.

(TMI Update: No poop of any kind has happened yet.)