Q92.3 wants to set you up with a hotel stay in the Wisconsin Dells. Take you Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards to save even more cash. Now that's a vacation on a budget.

These Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards are an awesome way to save big and have some summertime fun at 'The Dells'. They have opportunities to get free or discounted admission on several activities and attractions, hotels, campgrounds, dinning, shopping and more.

Visit WisDells.com [web] to plan your trip today.

You can stop by our main office on the third floor of the Black's Building (501 Sycamore Street; Suite 300) in downtown Waterloo. Or you can pick them up most times that we have the K-Country Cruiser out on the streets - while supplies last.

Congrat's to  Jodi Schaefer (Hudson) for winning the Wisconsin Dells Hotel Stay giveaway.