The Fayette County Sheriff reports some recent citations and arrests.

A Dubuque woman was arrested Saturday (April 30) when she came to the Fayette County jail to visit an inmate. Authorities determined that 22 year old Aeriel McMullen was operating with a suspended drivers' license. She was booked on a charge of driving while her license is suspended, and held until an initial court appearance.

At about 2:30am Sunday (May 1), a deputy stopped a car for speeding on Highway 3, south of Westgate. The driver, 19 year old Ethan Steinbronn of Westgate, was charged with a .02 violation, which resulted in a 60 day revocation of driving privileges; he was also cited for speeding.

And on Friday (April 29) 20 year old Charles Serrano Junior of Oelwein was arrested for driving while his license is suspended. He was held in the Fayette County jail until his initial appearance before a judge.