I hate--HATE--Christmas shopping. I usually have no clue what to buy for everyone on my list, the malls and stores are overcrowded, people are usually rude and pushy, and I'm nervous about ordering the wrong thing online. But Thanksgiving is only few weeks away, which means Christmas shopping will be ramping up. Millions of Americans will be flocking to stores seeking the newest deals. Some people, though, would rather not wait.

Jarvis Johnson has made a habit of camping out in front of his local Best Buy in Avondale, Arizona--so much so, he's been dubbed "Mr. Black Friday--but he's taken it to a different level this year. Johnson decided to set up his camping spot TWO WEEKS before Thanksgiving!

Johnson told KTVK-TV "It's a mental thing really, to be honest -- like can I do this? It's an uphill battle"

Johnson has received a bit of fame for his Black Friday obsession (Best Buy actually put him in a commercial) so he's capitalizing on it. Area businesses have provided a tent, couches, carpeting and a barbecue grill.

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Yes, I'm sure it's an "uphill battle" to sleep outside of Best buy for two whole weeks (in Arizona, no less). Granted, he's not hurting anyone by doing it, but don't make it out to be a life-and-death situation--you're camping out to save $12 on a Fitbit. #TheStruggle

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