Who else is sick of terrorism? Ever thought, "You know, I wish there was something I could do about it!"? Now you can, and you don't have to leave your house.

You know that after the attacks in Paris, a hacker organization called "Anonymous" has declared cyberwar on ISIS.

Just over the Thanksgiving weekend, Ghost Sec -- a group affiliated with Anonymous -- replaced an ISIS propaganda website with an ad for an online pharmacy selling Viagra and Prozac.

"Too much ISIS," they wrote in an accompanying message. "Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all so desperately crave."

The International Business Times reports that the website, which was originally published in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, has since been taken offline and currently cannot be accessed.

There is also -- and this is where anyone can help in the fight against ISIS -- their social media offensive.

Check this out: Anonymous is asking regular people to spam certain ISIS hashtags on social media (terrorists have hashtags!?) with rickrolls.

Rickrolling is a prank wherein the prankster takes any link and turns the click into a Rick Astley video for the recipient.

It's up to you, Internet pranksters! Let's make the world a better place!