At least the mangy little fleabag will wait until you fill their food and water dish and change their little box before they bring out their natural instinct, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh compared the personalities of domestic housecats with those of four different wild cats, and they found that 100 domesticated cats in two Scottish shelters shared the same three personality traits as African lions: neuroticism, impulsiveness and dominance.

“If you’re standing among a pride of lions, sometimes you’ll be fine and other times they will pounce and attack for no reason,” psychologist Max Wachtel, who is not affiliated with the study, tells the BBC. “And it’s the same for little domestic house cats.“

Translation: The only thing you cat wishes for more than killing you is that it was bigger so killing you would be easier.

Pets, man. If it's not zombies on The Walking Dead, or your dog trying to shoot you, it's the cats.

Maybe the 20 hours of sleep they get a day isn't enough...........