If you think stealing from someone after a natural disaster is a good idea, you would probably be friends with these two idiots.

Kansas City, MO- A man was arrested for stabbing his grandson...over a donut.


67-year-old Jose Ortega was hanging out with his 12-year-old grandson last Tuesday. They'd gotten some donuts for breakfast and Ortega asked his grandson to hand him one. The kid refused, so Ortega stabbed him in the arm.

Ortega told cops that his grandson was being a brat, which caused him to snap.

Police found a knife with a 10-inch blade and blood on it near the driveway of the boy’s home. Ortega apologized for the incident but now faces domestic assault charges. [Kansas City Star]

Looks like his family will probably avoid breakfast at Grandpa's for the near future.

New York Mills, MN- A man was caught drunk driving...for the 28TH TIME.

64-year-old Danny Lee Bettcher was charged with felony drunken driving after leaving from a night of drinking at his local VFW hall.


An off-duty officer saw Bettcher leave the VFW and alerted police. Bettcher refused a sobriety test and told the arresting officer "I am way over. Take me to jail."

Surprisingly, Bettcher still had a valid driver's license, even though it was restricted due to his prior record. Law enforcement was well aware of Bettcher's history, which includes at least 12 trips to rehab and a previous four-year prison stint for drunk driving. Bettcher now faces another seven years in jail.  [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Bradenton, FL- This is why you shouldn't take advantage of people...

31-year-old Candace Johnson & 31-year-old Elias Reyes broke into a home that had been evacuated during Hurricane Irma.


Johnson & Reyes made off with bikes, jewelry, workout equipment and other items. What the couple FORGOT to take...was Johnson's purse.

So when the homeowner came back, he found all of his stuff missing...but he had the purse with Johnson's ID, and he turned that over to the cops.

Johnson & Reyes were arrested a few days later for burglary of an unoccupied dwelling during a state of emergency...which could get them both up to 15 YEARS in prison. [Bradenton Herald]

If Mother Nature doesn't get you, Karma usually will.

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