A car full of birds, a dentist's office full of meth, and a face full of burger. Here are today's top stories...

Dunedin, FL- Police are searching for a man who stole a car with nine baby parrots in the back seat.


The vehicle's owner was inside a bar earlier this month and left his SUV unlocked and running. A customer told the man he saw someone drive away in his car. Officers found the vehicle in another county five days later, along with six of the parrots.

The whereabouts of the other three birds are unknown and the thief has still not been caught. [TampaBay.com]

Apparently, this dude forgot that he lives in Florida, where stupid stuff happens about every 12 seconds...

Redwood City, CA- A man has been accused of posing as a dentist... in the same building where he was making METH.

Would you trust a dentist who looked like THIS?


59-year-old Joseph Hirsch was arrested last week on charges including possession and manufacturing of a controlled substance.

Agents also discovered what they described as a “crude dentist office” complete with a dentist’s chair, x-ray machine and dental tools. Police claim that Hirsch had been practicing dentistry in the location for SIX years. It's unsure if any patients had been harmed. [Mercury News]

This makes perfect sense...you have to get your teeth fixed after doing all that meth, right? Brilliant.

Indianapolis, IN- Authorities are looking for a woman following a family fast food fracas...

Police were called to a McDonald's around 12:30 Sunday morning after a 60-year-old woman got into an argument with her 39-year-old daughter. According to police, the mom was telling her daughter to move out and the conversation got heated.


The mom pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru to try to smooth things over, but it didn't work. The daughter was so angry she slapped her mom in the face with a cheeseburger.

The mom told police she had pain on the left side of her face, and officers saw pickles, ketchup and mustard had splattered across the interior of the car. The daughter fled before police got there, and cops are still tracking her down. [Indianapolis Star]

That is some super-sized beef right there...

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