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Karaoke catches a fugitive, a prank gets a high school grad arrested, and a drunk driver shouldn't be alive...

North Chelmsford, MA- Karaoke led to the arrest of a sexual predator.


43-year-old Ronald Duby, Jr. had an outstanding warrant in New Hampshire for failure to register as a sex offender. U.S. Marshals had even declared him "Fugitive of the Week."

But Duby had no intentions of staying under the radar.

He went to a bar on Saturday and entered a karaoke contest. The bar owner recognized him and called police. [WMUR-TV]

I love karaoke as much as anybody...but you know what I love even more? NOT GOING TO PRISON.

Palatka, FL- A student's prank backfired in a big way.

18-year-old Zavier Valencia was arrested for battery after pieing his principal in the face during his high school graduation.


Once all the diplomas were handed out, Valencia returned to the stage and approached the principal with a pie in his hand. The principal got his arms up, so it didn't actually hit him in the face.

Valencia now faces a third-degree felony charge of battery on an education employee and a second-degree charge of disrupting the peace during a school assembly.

The school superintendent issued a statement saying, "The pie incident was very unfortunate and I regret that it took away from such a distinguished ceremony." [News4Jax]

I mean, it's a high school graduation...not an audience with the Pope. You may want to chill JUST a bit.

Portland, OR- I don't know if "drunk" is even the appropriate word to describe this guy.


A 911 caller reported a vehicle driving erratically and well below the speed limit. The car was stopped by the time police arrived.

Officers noticed 32-year-old Joshua Davis slumped over the steering wheel and called an ambulance. Davis' blood alcohol level was a staggering .057 ... more than SIX times the legal limit.

Once he was released from the hospital Davis was arrested and charged with felony DUI. []

I'm impressed that someone can drink that much and not die...but it takes a special kind of stupid to ACTUALLY attempt to drive after all that.

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