TGIF! Here are today's top stories:

A mom gives birth to a huge baby, a customer pulls down his pants, and a tattoo puts a guy in jail...

Orange Park, FL- A mom is doing well after delivering one of the heaviest babies in the history of the state.


Christine Corbitt gave birth to her daughter, Carleigh, last month. Corbitt previously had a nine-and-ten-pound baby, but nobody expected this. Carleigh weighed in at an amazing 13.5 POUNDS!

Even the obstetrician was caught off-guard. “When the baby was coming out, I was like, 'Is this baby ever going to end?' Dr. Eric Edelenbos said. Just imagine how SHE felt.

Corbitt joked that her baby-making days are finished. The World record is 22 pounds, just in case you were wondering. [Action News Jax]

Pittsburgh, PA- A man SLIGHTLY overreacted to a restaurant screwing up his order.

Stephanie DeLay

Yuba Sharma went to an Indian restaurant on Tuesday night. Sharma ordered his food without onions, but they put them on there anyway. Sharma flipped out; he began berating staff and threatened to shoot the owner. While waiting for police, Sharma dropped his pants and EXPOSED himself to employees.

Officers said Sharma smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes, was slurring his speech, couldn’t maintain his balance and was speaking nonsense. Sharma has had prior arrests for public drunkenness. [CBS Pittsburgh]

Boynton Beach, FL- A burglary suspect was busted because of his noticeable ink.


30-year-old Ryan Poe was linked to a series of break-ins after surveillance video captured a tattoo with Poe’s last name spelled out in capital letters on his right forearm.

Poe is accused of burglarizing three businesses between May 29th & June 2nd. [Palm Beach Post]

This is another reason why I don't like tattoos. Why would you want to make it EASIER for police to find you??

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