People love to tease Millennials. But the truth is, if you're reading this, you probably are one. Anyone born between 1982 and 2004 is defined as a Millennial, so I absolutely fall into that group.

NameBerry tabulated the names of all babies born during that period, and the most popular ones definitely don't surprise me.


Take a look at the top ten for boys and girls, along with the total number of babies given that name:

Top Millennial Names for Boys (1982-2004)

1 Michael 1,131,021
2 Christopher 925,809
3 Matthew 856,718
4 Joshua 779,372
5 Daniel 663,363
6 David 649,402
7 Andrew 629,809
8 James 609,005
9 Joseph 607,257
10 John 581,023

Top Millennial Names for Girls (1982-2004)

1 Jessica 757,533
2 Ashley 716,529
3 Amanda 522,245
4 Sarah 517,780
5 Jennifer 514,385
6 Emily 475,353
7 Samantha 410,105
8 Elizabeth 403,989
9 Stephanie 360,574
10 Lauren 342,725

I absolutely agree with Jessica being the most popular female name. I graduated high school in 2004, and it seemed like every other girl in my class was named Jessica. I was kind of surprised that my name, Andrew, wasn't higher...but I'm also kind of used to being seventh-best at stuff at this point, so it's no biggie.

Is your name on this list? If not, click HERE to see the top 100.

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